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It’s Engagement Season!

It’s Engagement Season!

Engagement season is here! If you want a quick look at Invitation verbiage and how we can help guide your process, this is the article to read. Invitations can be extraordinary and unique without being a difficult process, with the right person guiding you!

The Big Fake Wedding – Brooklyn, NY

The Big Fake Wedding – Brooklyn, NY

It’s that time again! It’s time for The Big Fake Wedding – NYC breakdown of all your chicest decor and beautiful venue space! I didn’t realize how much I did for the event until I checked out The Big Fake Wedding Blog, and it was […]

Art Museum Surprise Proposal

Art Museum Surprise Proposal

Hello friends!

It’s the middle of the week again and it’s time for another post!

May I briefly make a shout out to Apple and their ridiculous update recently? Of all things incredibly annoying, you do not realize how often you type the letter “I” until they start becoming hieroglyphics.  For the love of Steve Jobs, get it together.

What a busy week it has been since my last post! Of all weeks to be busy, I have Philadelphia Magazine’s Bridal Brunch coming up this Sunday at 11am (click on the link and go!), various bridal design proofs due, new client meetings, and my son’s school district decided it was a great idea to give the kids four days off(insert eye roll). Of course excited and eager at the same time, but holy emotions. Where are my margarita girls this week, HA!

This post is dedicated to a wonderful proposal I had the opportunity to photograph. The proposal involved Gurpreet Sarin arranging this elaborate event for weeks and weeks for his then beautiful girlfriend, Nehchal. I have to share: this amazing guy was once a contestant on American Idol. Yup, I am totally dropping that info Gurpreet! He is one talented individual, check him out on Instagram!

We first started planning over the phone, since he is located in Washington DC. His love for Philly and his “Philly Fam”(college clique) is what brought him here to propose. Nehchal, at the time, was living in San Francisco. This made his task quite eventful while keeping everything organized. However, with his determination and great friends he got everything accomplished. We panicked just a little over the weather but it ended being a beautiful day and I am so happy for the both of them!

I arrived to the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art and walked all the way down Kelly Drive towards one of their beautiful gardens. I then found Gurpreet’s friends setting up rose petals under a gazebo and surrounding area(HOW CUTE). Can you picture two men trying to organize rose petals? If not, please see below.

Then, as if the rose petals weren’t romantic enough, a jazz band came to set up to play. I know ladies, men should take some notes. This cute little jazz band definitely knew how to jam to Frank Sinatra.

As the band finalized setting up and Gurpreet’s friends got THE call, I was so excited to see this couple experience one of the happiest moments of their life.  Gurpreet came walking down with his now beautiful bride and decided to casually take part in singing a song with the band. This entire time I am trying to look like I just belong in the scenery. Any time Nehchal would look my way, I would instantly pretend I had something in my eye. Here are some photos of the hidden goodies, below.

Gurpreet quickly sang his jazzy song and led Nehchal under the gazebo for their special moment. I quickly scurried to find the best spot to watch this beautiful moment unfold.

So do you think she said yes? Of course she did and the couple thanked all of their amazing vendors immediately following the proposal.

Once they were finished chatting about their moment and us doing the cutest engagement shoot, we went over to the Sonesta Hotel for a surprise get together with their “Philly Fam” and friends. I’m pretty excited I was able to get some surprise action photos and I must say their friends are the CUTEST.

I want to personally thank Gurpreet and Nehchal for allowing me to photograph this special moment in their lives. They have the most amazing friends and family, and it shows how incredible they are as a couple!  One of the quirkiest, funniest couples I have met, do not ever change. Keep that passion forever and I wish you nothing but love and happiness in the many years to come!

Enjoy our engagement session below and until next week friends! Stay tuned for coverage of The Big Fake Wedding blog coming November 15th and ALL of my Instagram stories and feed for the Philadelphia Wedding Magazine’s Bridal Brunch event THIS Sunday! Every bride and groom should go, get your tickets now!



Hurricane Shoot

Hurricane Shoot

Time for a new post friends!              I literally cannot sleep any more this morning (it’s actually 5am), so I thought I’d catch up on some HOC biz. My crazy mind gets to a certain point where it just doesn’t […]