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It’s Engagement Season!

It’s Engagement Season!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, but darn it I was busy as a bee and the holidays are killer! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday with their families! It sure was chaotic here, as expected. I was able to cook for my husband’s family and it was nice to stay home Christmas Day. My house is a mess and the kids are home all week……. but I am grateful to be able to stay home with them when needed, so so grateful. I am also very grateful for Heritage Vineyard and their Jersey wine line.

Well, the holidays are officially over in my book and that means engagement season has commenced. If you’re in the wedding industry, then you are probably just waiting to hear someone say, “oh so and so just got engaged” or “oh-my-god, my bff is engaged!!!!”. It’s like Pavlov’s bell to dogs. We instantly stop what we are doing to see what we can do to mildly drop a hint or two that we can help them. Ultimately, I am so thrilled for all those couples, because just like them I got engaged to my wonderful husband on Christmas Day.

Just in luck, I have a tremendous giveaway for those gorgeous new rings out there. I’ll be announcing on New Years Day, so I’d absolutely keep following my Insta!

I wanted to take the time, since it’s engagement season, to write about some invitation verbiage and my personal process within House of Catherine. It goes highly overlooked when planning and brides often do not realize the amount of thought into the verbiage. Not only the verbiage but then the thought that goes along with the font, and then goes along with the style, which then goes along with the placement on the invitation itself. Phew, I know it’s a lot but thank goodness I am here!

All couples first have to decide, as painful as it is, who is paying for the wedding or at least assisting. This begins the formality wedding invitation wording. There are several options to choose from and different scenarios that take place within a couple’s family. You have to consider the bride’s parents helping, the divorced parents that are remarried, step parents and true parents, and then of course both sets.  You also then have the family combined or just the bride and groom themselves. In a non-traditional wedding or more a relaxed-modern setting, none of the above terms are considered and only the bride and groom are featured for this very special occasion. Below is a great example of honoring the parents of the bride in a formal setting.

In my personal House of Catherine client questionnaire, I ask about the type of wording you would like me to use in your wedding creation. Would you like the verbiage to be formal?  Or would you like the wording to be casual, in our everyday language?

Invitation formalities can go with all sorts of styles.  If you would like a traditional and sophisticated style of invitation, you would typically go with the formal wedding verbiage. For the modern, edgy/cool and unique style, most verbiage is described to appear as trendy, casual lingo, and everyday speech. This everyday language or casual speech most often goes with the modern style invitation.

Now after all of this descriptive language, there is placement and materials to consider.  The above invitation is a perfect example of a modern approach to different placement in a wedding invitations. Traditional placement, for a more formal invitation, is typically written from top to bottom and centered(in the image below). You also have to consider thick, high quality card stock when creating such traditional pieces.

Modern styles can include both random and purposeful placement on the invitation. The invitation suite below is a very trendy approach, while using a very traditional and editorial font. This is a great way to combine modern and traditional together.

When creating such modern pieces, I like to consider other materials for your invitation. You can use handmade paper, vellum, and acrylics. The possibilities are endless.

After all of these decisions, you also have to consider fonts and font colors, paper and paper colors, foil or no foil, letterpress or digital, hand illustrations and calligraphy. That is why, coming to a meticulous company like House of Catherine is so important and not a random mass produced site. They may make some adorable designs, but there are so many different elements to give a specific look. It may be a ribbon, wax seal, a foil seal, a leather envelope, or a vellum wrap. Unique elements are my specialty and I am here to help guide you through this process and make it as painless as possible!

I personally love combining all styles, elements, and verbiage. I like making the formal look modern and the modern have a touch of Victorian. I love creating the traditionally formal invitations, but I love creating the invitations that sets the bar for the next bride.

Enjoy this awkward week before the new year and please be safe however you celebrate! I love all of my couples, fans, followers, vendor friends, and family. My family and my husband especially, I am so grateful for you.  You allow me to do what I do everyday.

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